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Anya CU

February 2010

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Anya CU

What's that? Beatles Rock Band and the Rock Band setup for free, you say? Yes please! ... Turns out the science library does in fact have a video game/console rental setup. Though, unfortunately, only registered UO groups can rent out the multiplayer band games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour. So... I've Facebook'd the president of the University Film Organization to ask that I rent it out under their name. It's kind of rude of me as I haven't had anything to do with the club in a year, but it was worth a try? Everyone my age in the club graduated and left anyway ... maybe that can be my excuse??? Guys? In the meantime I've rented one of the "newer" versions of DDR for the PS2 and a DDR pad. Needless to say I was mad and sweaty within minutes of coming home. Unghhh.


Which version of DDR is it? I have a few older copies that each have decent songs, but I want everything in one...
I ended up mostly using my own copy of DDR (now with the pad instead of the controller), which is DDR Max. The one I rented is DDR Supernova. From what I can tell, the latter kinda sux -- though I haven't unlocked any songs, so there ya go.
We should make the official U of O multiplayer interactive video game club... DDR, rock band, guitar hero, etc... YEEAH!!
HA HA HA, how academic. We can register as an athletics club. That's what all other non-academics do, right?